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From books to newspaper articles, we deal with a diverse range of topics including politics and migration, corporate and social history. Let's not forget our special history just for kids.

Quincy & the Sheriff

A beautifully illustrated children's book about the bombing of Darwin with End Notes for teachers and parents. Buy.


A corporate history of Darwin's oldest law firm, Ward Keller. Dating back to 1910, this book details the exploits of some of the Northern Territory's early legal trailblazers.


This book traces the history of the Hakka Chinese from Timor Leste to the Northern Territory and features the stories fo some of Darwin's leading Hakka families.


Northern Territory Political Chronicles in the Australian Journal of Politics and History.

Arcadian Populism

Northern Territory politics from self-government in 1978 to 2005. Includes appendices of election results.


Newspaper feature on the Northern Territory's extraordinary history of gambling, which was frustrated by archaic South Australian laws.


Newspaper feature on a somewhat quirky Londoner who fled the Victorian era and discovered a pleasant life in the Top End.


Newspaper feature on one of the Territory's greatest fraudsters, Horatio Bottomley.

Ah Kim

Newspaper feature on the judicial murder of poor devil Ah Kim, a Chinese artisan, cook and vegetable farmer.

Mean Machine

Newspaper feature on lawyer Dick Ward and journalist Jim Bowditch teaming up to take on multiple Australian authorities.

Turning 40

A history of the NT Legislative Assembly, 1974-2014. Lead author is Emeritus Professor Dean Jaensch AO. Buy


Pietro Baracchi is little known, but played a critical scientific role in Palmerston in 1882-83. Pic: Museums Victoria.

J McD Stuart

Drunk or demented? Death by alcohol or the advanced stages of TB? This is a classic story of fact vs folklore.

Empty bottles

...and full public servants. The history and heritage of Lots 2392 and 2393, Town of Darwin.

Stone Houses

The history and heritage of Lot 2328, Town of Darwin — our only remnant of Chinatown.

Salt Pan

The history and heritage of the Ludmilla Salt Pan; a story of Greek immigrants and hard yakka.

Adelaide River

Interpretive signage plan and strategic plan for the Railway Heritage Precinct.


The history of horse racing in the Top End, including an explanation for the apparently pointless one-horse 'races'.

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